6 Clear Signs It’s Not Attraction, It’s “Paperclipping” — and Affirmations | Ashley Broadwater in Hello, Love

 6 Clear Signs It's Not Attraction, It's "Paperclipping" — and Affirmations | Ashley Broadwater in Hello, Love

Stories for blogger aja. 3 Things You Should Quit in the Next 3 Months. The Frustratingly Simple Reason Why Black People Voted For Trump. Dependency Injection Makes You Incredibly Lazy.
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Stories for blogger aja
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This common dating phenomenon seems innocent, but it's not.
And how to do it
Sadly, black people voting for racists is nothing new
Resulting in pain-inducing constructor bloat and incomprehensive object graphs.
In case you missed it
If you can learn these earlier, you'll be WAY better off than me.
Why observations are more powerful than questions
Ashley Abramson in ForgeMember only content4 min read
You have more control than you think.
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Bitcoin surpassed its previous high, and it seems to be popular with millennials. The cryptocurrency is buzzy…
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An artist's throne painted in the manner of a humble chair
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